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Students showcase talent, celebrate culture at annual Harambee event

Students, faculty and staff gathered on March 24 for the School of Social Work’s annual Harambee multicultural event, which celebrates ethnic, racial and cultural diversity through food, art and performances.

They showcased a wide array of talents, including dancing, filmmaking and poetry; and brought cultural dishes for a potluck buffet.

Presenters included: Dr. Iris Carlton-LaNey – African libation; Kennetra Irby – spiritual dance;  Alyse Keefe – clogging; Albert Thrower – screened “Metal Things,” a short film he created; Adriana Freiberger and Jamie Taylor, demonstrated the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, and performed a Samba dance; JE Misz, spoken word; and Lena Harris – who led the audience in African dancing.

The event was sponsored by the School of Social Work Student Organization, and coordinated by students Mitzy Gonzalez and Lena Harris.