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N.C. Governor McCrory proclaims March as Professional Social Work Month


This month the state of North Carolina will recognize the contributions of the thousands of professional social workers who devote their lives to bettering our families and communities. A proclamation was issued by Governor Pat McCrory to declare March 2014 to be Professional Social Work Month, a chance to recognize the dedication of social work professionals and a time to thank them for their commitment.

The National Association of Social Workers North Carolina Chapter (NASW-NC) is proud to celebrate March as National Professional Social Work Month and this year’s theme, “All People Matter,” was chosen to help raise awareness about the American social work profession’s 116-year commitment to improving social conditions and quality of life opportunities for everyone.  Social workers across the globe believe that all people have dignity and deserve respect.

NASW’s goal for Social Work Month 2014 is to educate the public about how these values are essential to improving relationships within families, making social support systems more effective, and building stronger communities.

“The Governor’s recognition of Social Work Month this year shines a huge light on the need for social workers in our state. Social work is a powerful profession and in so many aspects of our society,” says Kay Castillo, Director of Advocacy, Policy and Legislation for NASW-NC. “We thank the Governor for his recognition of the profession as we work to promote and enhance the power of social work in North Carolina.”

“Social workers are the backbone of the human service system in North Carolina,” says NASW-NC Executive Director Kathy Boyd. “We are the front line providers of services for the state of North Carolina and it is wonderful to have recognition for strengthening communities in our state.”

Recognized as a top growth profession, social work directly addresses the increased demand for health care navigation, mental health services, family caregiving, child development, and veterans’ assistance. There are currently more than 650,000 professionally trained social workers in the United States, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth to 800,000 by the year 2020.

More information about Social Work Month 2014 or the social work profession.