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Faculty briefs

Deborah Barrett gave a free community talk on March 10, on “Living Well with Chronic Pain,” at the Meadowmont Wellness Center in Chapel Hill. On May 9, she will be speaking on,“Effective Chronic Pain Management: Helping Clients Understand and Improve Their Experience,” at the VA Medical Center in Salisbury, N.C.

Jodi Flick is doing a training on “Suicide in Adults and Children” on March 18 in Fayetteville. She is also training at the Youth Health Summit in Raleigh at N.C. State on March 15 on, “Caring for Families and Communities After a Suicide.”

Rebecca Macy presented the keynote address at the 2014 Innovations in Domestic and Sexual Violence Research and Practice Conference, held Feb. 6-7 in Greensboro, N.C. She spoke on, “Practice to Research: Collaboration Challenges, Successes & Lessons Learned from the MOVE (Mothers Overcoming Violence through Education & Empowerment) Program.” Macy presented with Stacey Sullivan (MSW ’89) of SAFEchild and Lisa Allred Draper (MSW ’96) of InterAct.

Members of Macy’s MOVE research team also presented at this conference. Doctoral student Jennifer O’Brien and faculty member Dania Ermentrout presented their poster, “I never knew what way he would swing…: Exploring the characteristics and consequences of substance use among CPS and/or justice-involved intimate partner violence survivors.” MSW student Ariel Reynolds, doctoral student Sarah Dababnah, and faculty members Cynthia Rizo, Ermentrout and Macy presented their poster, “The novel isn’t over yet:” Evaluating the long-term impacts of a program for service-mandated partner violence survivors.”

Help Bebe win

Bebe Smith is nominated for an NASW media award for her editorial in the Charlotte Observer, “Putting the Person at the Center of Care.” You can help her win by voting for her. Voting can be done throughout March.


Mimi Chapman had two articles recently published:

With doctoral student William Hall: Chapman, M. V., Hall, W. J., & Sisler, L. A. G. (2014). Adapting an empirically supported intervention for a new population and setting: Findings and lessons learned from Proyecto Puentes. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 11, 01-02. 30-42. DOI:10.1080/15433714.2013.837340

With doctoral student Shiyou Wu: Chapman, M. V., Zhu, M., & Wu, S. (2013). Mothers in transition: Using images to understand the experience of migrant mothers in Shanghai. Journal of the Society for Social Work Research, 4, 3 245-260. DOI:10.5243/jsswr.2013.16.

Susan Snyder had two articles accepted for publication:

Snyder, S. M. & Rubenstein, C. (in-press). Do incest, depression, parental drinking and serious romantic relationships influence patterns of substance use during emerging adulthood? Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.

Rolock, N. Snyder, S.M. & Tate, C. (in-press). Formative evaluation: A case study of the Illinois birth-to-three IV-E waiver. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work.

Upcoming AHEC trainings by faculty

April 2 – Clinical Supervision Intensive Training Program – The Ethics of Supervision – Kim Strom-Gottfried
April 16 – SA, PTSD and Returning Veterans – Worth Bolton

April 7 – Ethics of Practice with Minors – Kim Strom-Gottfried
April 10 – Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice – Trenette Clark

March 19 – Critical Time Intervention for At-risk Populations – Bebe Smith
March 26 – Parents Making Dreams Out of Life’s Hard Places: Dealing with the Challenges of Raising a Child with Special Needs – Tamara Norris and Barbara Leach

April 1 – Adolescent Substance Abuse – Trenette Clark
April 17 – LCSW Prep Course – Tanya Richmond

March 24 – Ethics and Self-Determination: Empowering Older Adults to Make Their Own Life Decisions – Tanya Richmond

More information on AHEC programs.