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Drawing winners announced

Congratulations to the winners of the Contact Magazine basketball ticket giveaway — Bianca Gantt, MSW ’05; and Ivy Dey Johnson, MSW ’06. They each won two tickets to the Feb. 15 UNC vs. Pittsburgh men’s basketball game.

The runner-up winners of UNC School of Social Work t-shirts are: Sheila Lee Stansberry, MSW ’90; Candice Pepin, MSW’05; Amanda Blackwell, MSW ’08; Melissa Brandt, MSW ’07; Dorothy Melissa Schnapp Huemmer, MSW ’88; Renee Caldwell; Holly Creech Hafer, MSW ’73; Linda Campbell, MSW ’81; Michael Haliski, MSW ’04; and Caraina Garris, MSW ’13.

The drawing was featured on the back cover of the 2013 print edition of the magazine. Thank you to all who entered!