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FCRP produces video series on engagement in child welfare work

The Family and Children’s Resource Program (FCRP) at the UNC School of Social Work’s Jordan Institute for Families, is pleased to announce a new 3-part video series on engagement in child welfare work, available on YouTube. The series features UNC faculty member and child welfare trainer Dan Comer.

Part 1: “Engagement in Child Welfare Work” – Drawing on his 30 years in the field, Comer defines family engagement and explains why it is the key to keeping children safe and achieving positive outcomes for families.

Part 2: “Why We Struggle with Engagement” – To succeed in child welfare work we must be able to engage families. But it isn’t always easy. Here Comer suggests steps practitioners can take to build genuine relationships with families, even those who are most resistant.

Part 3: “A Success Story” – Told by Comer, this moving, real-world example makes it clear that although there is no guarantee, family engagement in child welfare is always possible.