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Faculty briefs

Sarah Bledsoe-Mansori was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor with tenure as of Jan. 1, 2014, as approved by the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Bebe Smith and Laurie Selz-Campbell are presenting at the 2014 Clinical Update and Psychopharmacology Review, Feb. 20 in Raleigh. Smith will lead a breakout session on “Critical Time Intervention: Helping Persons with Mental Illness Through Critical Transitions,” and Selz-Campbell on “The Use and Abuse of Professional Privilege: Moving Toward Socially Just Practice.”


Lisa de Saxe Zerden and doctoral student Christopher Wretman, “Better Engaging Social Science Graduate Students in Introductory Research Methods Courses: A Class Activity,” Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences.

Upcoming AHEC presentations

Jan. 17 – Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention – Jodi Flick
Jan. 22 – The Ethics of Clinical Supervision – Kim Strom-Gottfried

Jan. 24 – CBT in Community Practice – Marty Weems
Jan. 31 – Chronic Pain: Collaborative Care for Living Well – Deborah Barrett

Feb. 7 – Autism Parenting Conference – Session on Talking to Your Child and School Community about ASD – Sherry Mergner

Feb. 20 – The Use and Abuse of Professional Privilege – Laurie Selz-Campbell
Feb. 20 – Critical Time Intervention – Bebe Smith

Feb. 21 – IPT for Depression – Sarah Bledsoe-Mansori
Feb. 27 – Intimate Partner Violence – Cindy Fraga Rizo

More information on AHEC programs.