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Academy seeks input on identifying the "Grand Challenges for Social Work"

The American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (AASWSW) has launched a “Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative” (GCSWI). Through this project, they seek to engage the public in identifying 10-15 Grand Challenges for Social Work.

The AASWSW invites your ideas and participation.

What are Grand Challenges?

A Grand Challenge is a deeply significant problem widely recognized by the public whose solution is within our grasp in the next decade, given concentrated scientific and practical attention.

Grand Challenges for Social Work must meet the following criteria:

1. Challenge must be big, important, compelling.

2. Scientific evidence indicates that the challenge could be solved.

3. Meaningful and measurable progress to address the challenge can be made in a decade.

4. The challenge is likely to generate interdisciplinary or cross-sector collaboration.

5. Solution to the challenge requires significant innovation.

If you have questions, contact Sarah Butts, Grand Challenges project coordinator, at 410-706-4387 or