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School welcomes visiting scholar from India

The UNC School of Social Work is hosting a visiting scholar from India this year, Suresh Pathare, Ph.D., MSW. He will be at the School for six months, until February 2014.

Dr. Pathare is a professor and director of the Centre for Studies in Rural Development, Institute of Social Work and Research, in Ahmednagar, India, which is affiliated with the University of Pune. He previously held faculty positions at the School of Social Work, Indira Gandhi National Open University, in New Delhi; the School of Rural Development, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, in Mumbai; and in the Department of Social Work, at University of Delhi.

His research interests include urban and rural community development, sustainable development, human rights, religion and social work, and personal and professional development.

While at the UNC School of Social Work, Dr. Pathare will be working on his research project, a systematic review of food security issues in the United States and India. He will be also learning about social work education in the U.S. and exploring possibilities for joint projects. He plans to audit some courses to improve his research skills and will be available for interaction with faculty and students.

As a part of learning more about social work education in the U.S., he will be working with UNC School of Social Work Field Education Director Rebecca Brigham to gain an understanding of our field program, and will be visiting some of the agencies where social work students are placed for field work.

For the systematic review of food security measures, he will be working with Assistant Professor Betsy Bledsoe-Mansori.

“We hosted UNC School of Social Work students at my Institute during their study abroad trip to India,” said Pathare.  “Two years experience of this program has been mutually beneficial and rewarding. I will be exploring possibilities and avenues for more ways to connect with joint projects and exchange activities.”

In 2010, the UNC School of Social Work signed “memorandums of understanding” with schools in India, China and Sweden, leading to opportunities for international research collaboration and faculty and student exchanges.

Dr. Pathare can be reached at