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Kinnaird speaks at School about voter ID initiative

On Aug. 30, former State Senator Ellie Kinnaird presented at the School of Social Work to Dr. Iris Carlton-LaNey‘s Foundations of Social Work & Social Welfare class. Dr. Carlton-LaNey invited her to talk about the current political climate and how it relates to disadvantaged citizens, and about the voter ID initiative she is launching. The talk was held in the auditorium, and in addition to the class a number of other UNC students, faculty and community members attended.

“I believe many of us would be interested in working with her around the voter ID initiative that she plans,” said Carlton-LaNey. “She has been a voice in Raleigh for the same population of people for whom we advocate and work. Her work has been a gift to the state, and I am excited that she accepted my invitation to speak with us.”