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Faculty and staff briefs

Betsy Bledsoe-Mansori presented on Sept. 16 to the N.C. Child Fatality Task Force at the Legislative Building in Raleigh. She spoke on, “Maternal depression: Prevalence, implications, diagnosis, and current treatment options,” which focused on the association between maternal depression and child fatality. Maternal depression during pregnancy and postpartum is associated with increased risk of infant mortality, making this issue of great relevance in North Carolina where in 2011 infants accounted for 2/3 of child fatalities.

Bledsoe-Mansori was invited to speak at the UNC-Pembroke Healthy Start Corps 3rd Annual Infant Mortality Conference on Sept. 26. Her talk is entitled, “Trauma informed interventions for low-income women: Meeting the needs of the client to reduce risks to mothers and children, will highlight the prevalence and neurodevelopmental risks of early trauma exposure in low-income women.” She will present strategies for adapting intervention and practice to be sensitive to survivors of interpersonal trauma and an adaptation of interpersonal psychotherapy designed to meet the needs of low-income mothers surviving mood, anxiety, and trauma related perinatal psychiatric illness.

Jodi Flick presented to the N.C. General Assembly’s Child Fatality Task Force on Sept. 16, on childhood depression and suicide prevention. She is also doing a workshop in Winston-Salem on Sept. 30 on “Suicide in adults and children.”

Rebecca Macy will give the opening keynote address at the 2nd Annual Innovations in Domestic and Sexual Violence Research and Practice Conference, on Feb. 6, 2014  in Greensboro, N.C.

Kathleen Rounds participated on a review panel in Dallas, Texas, to review Title V Maternal and Child Services Block Grants for states in federal Region VI. The Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) awards Title V Block grants to state health departments to support activities that improve the health of pregnant women, children, adolescents, and children and youth with special health needs.

Kim Strom-Gottfried has a new commentary in Ethics Newsline, “Forgiveness vs. Permission.” Ethics Newsline is published by the Institute for Global Ethics.

October AHEC presentations

Oct. 25 – The 9th Annual Eastern Region Developmental Disabilities Services Conference. Break-out session entitled: Caregiver-Provider Partnerships: Working Collaboratively with Families of Children Who Have Special Needs, with Sherry Mergner and Barbara Leach.
Oct. 28 – Emotional Abuse of Children – Joanne Caye

Oct. 7 – DSM-5 – Jay Williams
Oct. 15 – Client Violence – Keeping Yourself and Others Safe – Jodi Flick

Oct. 16 – Working with SPMI Adults – Marilyn Ghezzi