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FCRP produces video series on trauma and behavior in children

The Family and Children’s Resource Program (FCRP) at the UNC School of Social Work’s Jordan Institute for Families, is pleased to announce a new 4-part video series about trauma and behavior in children, available on YouTube.

Part 1: “How Trauma Affects the Brain” – Educational Specialist Laura Phipps describes the effect of trauma on the brain, and what this often looks like in terms of children’s behavior.

Part 2: “Why Does the Cookbook Approach Not Work for Many Behavior Problems?” – Why traditional parenting approaches often don’t solve the behavior problems of children with a history of trauma.

Part 3: “The Importance of Relationship” – Explains the importance of building a positive, trusting relationship as the foundation for changing any behavior, and gives examples of how to do that.

Part 4:  “Advice for Struggling Caregivers” – Provides suggestions and encouragement for parents and caregivers struggling with serious behavior problems.