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Faculty briefs

Deborah Barrett spoke on managing chronic pain at the Eastern Region Adult Services Conference: Current Issues in Adult Mental Health, and at the Winston-Salem Clinical Lecture Series; and will be presenting on May 17 at the UNC School of Social Work Field Instructors Appreciation Day. On May 23 she is doing a webinar on relationship for the Portland Fibromyalgia Association.

Sarah E. Bledsoe-Mansori presented her work on evidence-based practice in social work in Houston in April at the Bridging the Gap Conference sponsored by the University of Houston. In addition to being an invited panel discussant, Bledsoe will present the findings from a four phase study of partnerships between community-agencies and schools of social work to promote the uptake of evidence based practice in the field. The presentation, co-authored by doctoral program alumna Traci Wike; former UNC SSW faculty Melissa Grady; doctoral student Candace Killian, and MSW alumna Alison Doernberg, and colleagues, is entitled, “Implementing University-Agency Partnerships for Evidence-Based Practice in Social Work: Results from a Mixed-Methods Study and Future Directions.” Manuscripts detailing the web-based content analysis (Phase 1) and the national survey (Phase 2) are forthcoming in The Journal of Social Work Education and Social Work Research.

Chris Egan is quoted, and the Developmental Disabilities Training Institute featured, in a newsletter article by the Council on Quality and Leadership on the partnership between CQL and DDTI.

Matthew Howard was selected to attend the Harvard Institutes of Higher Education Management Development Program. Admission is nationally competitive and a certificate is awarded for completion. It will be held at Harvard Graduate School of Education, June 2-14, and its purpose to is train attendees in budgeting, planning, human resource management, and other administrative skills essential to successful education management.

Amanda Sheely is giving a talk to the Greensboro Chapter of the American Association of University Women on April 27. Sheely was also accepted as a sponsored attendee to the National Poverty Center’s 2013 summer workshop, “Conducting Research Using the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP).”

Kim Strom-Gottfried is featured in a spotlight article that appeared on the home page, “AHEC: 40 years of teaching, caring.”
Strom-Gottfried is speaking at the 27th Annual Addiction: Focus on Women and Conference, to be held in Hendersonville May 14-17.

Lisa de Saxe Zerden gave a lecture to the registered nurse case managers and social worker case managers at UNC Hospital on April 10, entitled “Health Beyond the hospital: Considering Social Determinants of Health.”


Sarah E. Bledsoe-Mansori, doctoral student Candace Killian, and MSW student Julia Wessel have an article in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, “A Prospective Study of Perinatal Depression and Trauma History in Pregnant Minority Adolescents.”

Amanda Sheely has an article in the Policy Studies Journal, “Second-Order Devolution and Administrative Exclusion in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program.” (pages 54–69)

Susan Snyder has an article in the Children and Youth Services Review, “Typologies of Substance Use and Illegal Behaviors: A Comparison of Emerging Adults with Histories of Foster Care and the General population.”

Kim Strom-Gottfried has a commentary in the March 25 Ethics Newsline, “A Personal Take On Global Ethics.”

Jamie Swaine, doctoral student Sarah Dababnah, and former School of Social Work faculty member Susan Parish, have an article in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, “Family Caregivers’ Perspectives on Barriers and Facilitators of Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening for Women with Intellectual Disability.”

Swaine and Parish have an article in the March Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, “Obtaining Medical Records for Women With Intellectual Disabilities in a Community-Based Health Promotion Intervention.”

Upcoming AHEC Presentations

May 7 – Ethical Dilemmas in Working with Couples and Families – Anne Jones
May 30 – The Parenting Spectrum: The Challenges and Gifts of Raising a Child with Autism – Sherry Mergner

May 9 – Ethical and Legal Issues in Clinical Supervision – Tina Souders

May 15-16 – AFOW – Ethics and Crime – Kim Strom-Gottfried

May 6 – Diagnosing and Treating Personality Disorders – Jay Williams
May 22 -DSM V – Matthew Howard

May 8 – Creating Ethical Organizations – Kim Strom-Gottfried