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Faculty and doctoral briefs

Sarah E. Bledsoe-Mansori will be presenting her work on adapting interpersonal psychotherapy to treat perinatal depression, at the Tidewater Perinatal Mental Health Conference in Virginia at the end of this month.

Chris Egan is joining the ECU School of Social Work’s Advisory Board. Egan is a clinical assistant professor, and the clinical program coordinator of the Developmental Disabilities Training Institute.

Jennifer Swanberg, a visiting professor, gave two research colloquiums in Portland, Ore., in December: “Breast cancer survivorship and employment among low-wage earning women: First-hand experiences,” and “Occupational health among Latino farm workers in Kentucky: The role of work organization.”


An article co-authored by Sarah E. Bledsoe-Mansori, doctoral student Candace Kilian, and MSW student Julia Wessel, and colleagues, was published in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, “A prospective study of perinatal depression and trauma history in pregnant minority adolescents.”

Gary Bowen had two chapters published with colleagues that further his theoretical work on community capacity building: “The resilience of military families: Theoretical perspectives,” in Family Theories: A Content-based Approach, published by Routlege (Taylor & Francis); and “Families and communities: An analysis of theoretical and research paradigms,” in Handbook of Marriage and the Family, 3rd Edition, published by Springer.

Natasha Bowen, and doctoral students Kate Wegmann and Kristina Webber, have an article published in Journal of Educational Psychology, “Enhancing a brief writing intervention to combat stereotype threat among middle school students. Journal of Educational Psychology.”

Dennis Orthner co-authored an article in this month’s Journal of Educational Research, “Improving middle school student engagement through career-relevant instruction in the core curriculum.”

Jamie Swaine, along with former faculty member Susan Parish, had an article published in the Disability and Health Journal, “Receipt of mammography among women with intellectual disabilities: Medical record data indicate substantial disparities for African American women.”

Upcoming AHEC programs by SSW faculty

Feb. 20 – SA Related Personality Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment Considerations – Worth Bolton

Feb. 13 – Emotional Abuse – Joanne Caye

Jan. 23 – Clinical Supervision for New Supervisors – Marty Weems
Feb. 1 – The Ethics of Responding to Clients and Crime – Kim Strom-Gottfried

Feb. 15 – Ethics in Social Media – Kim Strom-Gottfried

Jan. 31 – Evidenced-Based Practice: Working with Children and Adults – Trenette Clark