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Rounds lectures in China

In late October and early November 2012, Professor Kathleen Rounds was invited to give five lectures in China. The presentations focused on two topics — Risky Sexual Behaviors Among Adolescents, and Adolescent Delinquency and Antisocial Behavior.

Rounds met with and presented to social work students and faculty in Shanghai at East China Normal University and East China University of Science and Technology, and in Beijing at Capitol Normal University and the China Youth University for Political Science (CYUPS).

Xu Yangping, who was a visiting UNC social work student in 2009, hosted Rounds at the Shanghai Social Work Agency for Public Affairs, where she gave a presentation to agency social workers. Dr. Qiuling An of East China Normal University was awarded a grant to sponsor the Shanghai portion of the trip; in 2010-2011 An was a visiting professor at the UNC School of Social Work.

The Beijing portion of the trip was sponsored by Capitol Normal University and CYUPS. Dr. Yan Ming of Capitol Normal, who hosted Rounds in Beijing, was a visiting professor at the UNC School of Social Work in spring and summer of 2012.