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Faculty and staff briefs

Gary Bowen, Danielle Swick and Irene Zipper did an invited symposium Nov. 1 at the National Council on Family Relations in Phoenix. Dennis Orthner also presented there.

Jodi Flick recently conducted workshops on “The Effects of Trauma and Maltreatment on Brain Development,” in Wilmington, and also for Cumberland County School Systems counselors. Also in October, she also did a training in Charlotte on “Advanced Issues in Suicide Assessment,” and in Asheville on “Bipolar Disorder and Its Impact on the Family.”

Hye-Chung Kum, research associate professor at the School of Social Work and adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Science, is a co-PI on a project that just received funding from The National Science Foundation (NSF), with support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The project, “DataBridge – A Sociometric System for Long-Tail Science Data Collections,” will use socio-metric networks similar to LinkedIn or Facebook on a larger scale to enable scientists to find data and like-minded research. It will improve the discovery of relevant scientific data across large, distributed and diverse collections. The funds provided by NSF for the DataBridge project total $1.5 million. Full story

Jennifer Swanberg presented at the Boston College Center on Work and Family’s National Workforce Roundtable on Nov. 8. She spoke on “Leveraging Workplace Flexibility to Promote Health & Wellness.”

New publications

“A Primer for the Design of Practice Manuals: Four Stages of Development” will be published in Research on Social Work Practice. The authors are  Maeda Galinsky, Mark Fraser, Steven Day and Jack Richman.

Deborah Barrett wrote an article, “Tips for Parents with Children with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain,” which will appear in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain LIFE Magazine’s Nov./Dec. 2012 issue. Also, Barrett will be writing four articles in Pain Pathways, a magazine produced in Winston-Salem, with a print circulation of 60,000, published quarterly. Her first article will appear in the spring edition.

Betsy Bledsoe-Mansori is co-author of “The Influence of Stress and Social Support on Depressive Symptoms in Mothers with Young Children,” in Social Science and Medicine.

Mimi Chapman and Kelly Williams (Ph.D. ’09), have an article published in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, entitled, “Unmet Health and Mental Health Need Among Adolescents: The Roles of Sexual Minority Status and Child–Parent Connectedness.”

Kim Strom-Gottfried has an entry (“Fowl Boli”) in a newly-published book, Food for Thought: A Two-year Cooking Guide for Social Work Students, by Kevin Corcoran and collaborators, published by Lyceum Press. She also recently became a contributor for Ethics Newsline, a publication of the Institute for Global Ethics, and her first commentary article was just published, “Foundations of Fame.”

Upcoming AHEC trainings

Dec. 12 – Ethical Action: The Lessons of Penn State and Second Mile – Kim Strom-Gottfried
Dec. 14 – Collaborative Care for Living Well with Chronic Pain – Deborah Barrett
Dec. 19 – Dementia in Older Adults – Tiffany Washington

Dec. 11 – Clinical Supervision for New Supervisors – Marty Weems

Dec. 3 – Croghen Conference – Collaboration Between Parents/Caregivers and Providers – Barbara Leach and Sherry Mergner