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Alumni briefs: Chavis ’87, Rotabi ’05

Dr. Annie McCullough Chavis, MSW ’87, a tenured faculty member in the Master of Social Work Program at Fayetteville State University, has been promoted from associate professor to full professor.  She is known for her research and publications concerning genograms with African American families.

Dr. Karen Smith Rotabi, Ph.D. ’05, an associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, is moving on to a new faculty position abroad. Rotabi will be joining the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) Department of Social Work. While UAEU has awarded BSW degrees for a number of years, only recently was the proposal for an MSW program approved. Rotabi will be joining the faculty with a particular emphasis on community practice, and this fall she will be teaching humanitarian social work. You can follow Rotabi’s work.