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Faculty briefs: July 2012

Deborah Barrett presented June 21 on chronic pain management at Duke Psychiatry’s Clinic for Mood Disorders.  She was also interviewed for a story in the September/October edition of Social Work Today magazine on “Pain care advocacy: Battling the anti-pain medication mindset.”

Anne Jones presented a paper, “Adapting a manual for a group intervention with at-risk parents,” on June 16 at the International Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups, Long Island, N.Y.

Jones also presented a MAHEC workshop on “Understanding and working with stepfamilies,” on June 21 in Asheville.

Rebecca Macy was named the L. Richardson Preyer Distinguished Chair for Strengthening Families; and is also our new associate dean for academic affairs.

Lisa de Saxe Zerden had a chapter published, “HIV prevention interventions with Puerto Rican injection drug users,” in a new book edited by Kurt Organista,  “HIV prevention with Latinos: Theory, Research and Practice.” It is now available from Oxford University Press.

Sheryl Zimmerman, Kenan Distinguished Professor, has assumed the role of associate dean for doctoral education.

AHEC presentations in August

August 7: Targeted Case Management – Susie Eguez
August 8: Clinical Supervision for Intermediate and Advanced Supervisors – Marty Weems
August 16: Clinical Supervision for New Supervisors – Marty Weems

August 16: Ethical Issues in Social Networking/Ethical Practice in Supervision – Kim Strom-Gottfried

August 16: Complicating Factors in Depression and Suicide with Children/Adolescent and Suicide Risk Assessment – Jodi Flick

August 14: Clinical Supervision for New Supervisors – Marty Weems

August 10: Understanding and Responding to Intimate Partner Violence – Cindy Fraga (Ph.D. student)