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Faculty briefs: June 2012

Deborah Barrett was invited by The National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association to write a regular column in its LIFE Magazine on strategies for the supporters of people with chronic pain. In the May issue, she wrote about challenges that partners face, and plans an article on parenting children who have chronic pain for the July issue. She is also featured in the “Author’s Corner” in the May/June issue on her experience writing her book, Paintracking.

Barrett has a new article on, “Helping Others Understand ‘Invisible’ Illness: What’s Enough But Not too Much?”

Jodi Flick presented in a national webinar for AHEC on June 5 for civilian medical and mental health providers on “Suicide and the Military.”

Anne Jones, Maeda Galinsky and Marilyn Ghezzi are teaming up with faculty at NC State and UNC-G to form a North Carolina Chapter of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups. The group is actively seeking new members to make this happen.

Jamie Swaine and doctoral student Sarah Dababnah had a paper published this month with former UNC School of Social Work faculty member Susan Parish in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, “Cervical and Breast Cancer – Screening Knowledge of Women with Developmental Disabilities.”