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Four projects win Armfield-Reeves Innovation Fund research grants

Now in its fourth year, the Armfield-Reeves Innovation Fund was established by Billy and Janie Armfield and Sam and Betsy Reeves to encourage faculty and student researchers at the UNC School of Social Work to become involved in innovative, community-based, engaged research.

Small grants are awarded annually in a competitive process for pilot-scale, novel projects that emanate from a student’s or faculty member’s ideas or theories concerning effective and efficient social intervention.

The donors hope that projects will potentially lead to a successful practice innovation and will, in turn, allow the researcher to seek additional funding from appropriate public and private sources.

This year’s grants were awarded to faculty members Gina Chowa, Mat Despard, Marty Weems and Irene Zipper, and doctoral candidates Sarah Dababnah and Erica Richman. The areas of research and service include autism, substance abuse, disaster preparation, and helping the poor in Africa.