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School welcomes visiting professor from China

On Dec. 7, the UNC School of Social Work was excited to welcome Dr. Meihua Zhu, one of the most preeminent leaders of the development of the social work profession in China. She will be a visiting professor at the School for one year.

Zhu is a professor at the School of Social and Public Administration at the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai. She developed and chairs a large community-based agency that serves low-income families, military, migrants and at-risk children. Her visit is sponsored by the Chinese government for a research leave.

In 2008, the UNC School of Social Work signed a “memorandum of understanding (MOU)” with ECUST, giving our faculty and students opportunities to study abroad and collaborate with international peers on research and other academic activities.

Zhu has a number of projects on her research agenda while here, including working with Dr. Mimi Chapman. Zhu is co-primary investigator of a project with Chapman studying immigrant families in China.