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Doctoral student update: Li, Mercado, Washington, Webber

Jilan Li, Micaela Mercado and Tiffany Washington were selected by UNC’s Center for Faculty Excellence to participate in the Future Faculty Fellowship Program (FFFP) in August. FFFP is a five-day intensive interdisciplinary program for senior-level graduate students. It serves to establish a strong pedagogical foundation for graduate students by improving the instructional planning and teaching skills of graduate students who are assigned to teach undergraduate courses at UNC-Chapel Hill independently, as well as prepare them to meet their future faculty responsibilities in research, service and leadership.

Kristina Webber was one of 24 doctoral students from North America and Europe selected to attend the European Association for Research on Adolescence and Society for Research on Adolescence’s 2011 International Summer School, held in Tucson in May. The goal of the summer school is to engage junior scholars in an intense examination of cutting-edge research on adolescence and connect them to a cross-national, cross-disciplinary network of peers and senior scholars in the field.

“Several disciplines were represented–developmental psych, social work, nursing, cognitive psych, sociology–and I met some folks who will certainly be future collaborators,” said Webber.