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Student creates photojournalism exhibit of India trip photos

Incoming MSW student Katharine Perry has created an online photojournalism exhibit documenting her experience in India with the School of Social Work’s study abroad program. Check out her powerful photos.

Prior to applying to the School, Perry worked for American Airlines, using the flight benefits to travel abroad and complete independent research projects related to public health and social justice issues. She was also a student in UNC’s School of Public Health.

“I envision my career as a human rights advocate for international women’s empowerment issues,” said Perry. “I learned about the India trip when I saw a poster for it on the UNC School of Social Work’s website. I have always had a desire to travel to India and thought that going with the School would be a great opportunity not only to learn about social issues in India, but also to get to know faculty and students.”

Of her exhibit, she writes on that “My hope is that my photos will celebrate the competence, substance, and beauty of all women in India and will serve as a reminder that ‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.’”