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Whisnant’s book published

UNC Press has just published a 25th anniversary edition of David Whisnant’s (MSW ’96) book “All That Is Native and Fine: The Politics of Culture in an American Region.”

Whisnant wrote a new foreword that discusses where the book came from in his thinking and work, how it has been received, and the development of his work since it appeared.

The Journal of Appalachian Studies is also publishing a scholarly roundtable on the history and importance of the book. It will appear in their December 2010 issue.

“One of the major contributions of All That Is Native and Fine is its cogent definition of ‘cultural intervention,’ explicated by case studies of specific, historically-rooted examples . . . . [It] has served not only as a model of regional scholarship, but also offers a useful paradigm for studying cultural change and history in any region, anywhere in the world,” says Jane Becker, Ph.D., research department manager, Massachusetts Historical Society, in a written excerpt.