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Chowa wins grant for innovative AIDS research

Assistant professor Gina Chowa, Ph.D. was awarded a $20,000 UNC Center For AIDS Research (CFAR) Developmental Core Grant for her project, “Strengthening the Economic Capability of Young Women to Address HIV/AIDS Challenges in Zambia.”

The goal of the CFAR Developmental Core is to provide research awards for one year to support pilot HIV research that will result in the development and submission of major NIH proposals.

Awards are made for/to one of the following:

  • New ideas from established HIV researchers
  • Investigators new to HIV research
  • Junior investigators

One of the reviewers wrote the following about Gina’s work: “Dr. Chowa is a new faculty member in the School of Social Work. Her research is ‘cutting edge’ for these types of interventions; no one else at UNC does these things. She has funding from USAID and this proposal will be piggybacked on that.”