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Doctoral Student Directory

Coleman, Kanisha
Special interests: Parent/child relationships; child/adolescent mental health.

Cotter, Katie Lyn
Special interests: School-wide intervention programs to address issues rooted in families, the School as a Whole, and the larger community. Risk and resilience.

Crosby, Carmen
Special interests: Violence and trauma; interventions within communities of color; interconnecting oppression; cultural competency; domestic and sexual violence.

Despard, Mathieu
Special interests: Asset development policy and practice to improve social and economic outcomes for lower-income and -wealth individuals and families.

Frey, Joseph
Special interests: Community-level protective factors; child maltreatment prevention programs; strengthening positive outcomes for LGBT populations; social network analysis; policy development and analysis.

Givens, Ashley
Special interests: Poverty; child/adolescent health/mental health; juvenile justice.

Graham, Laurie
Special interests: Interpersonal violence; immigrant/migrant populations; poverty; child welfare; criminal justice.

Hall, William
Special interests: Mental health; positive development of children and adolescents; school-based intervention and prevention; harassment and discrimination of LGBT populations.

Hicks, Tamara K.
(919) 933-5312(919) 933-5312
Special interests: Health disparities; social determinants of poverty; health; mental health; health effects of cultural adaptation.

Horsford, Christina
Special interests: Aging; health disparities.

Hughes, Jane (Jaime)
Special interests: Aging; Health disparities.

Jensen, Todd
Special interests: Child welfare; step families; remarriage.

Li, Wen (Vivien)
Special interests:  Substance abuse disorders and diverse populations, specifically Asian Americans.

Killian-Farrell, Candace
Special interests: Policy, improvement of trauma treatment, and awareness of negative societal outcomes related to psychological trauma.

Lombardi, Brianna
Special interests: Child/adolescent health/mental health.

Masa, Rainier
Special interests: Assets development; migration; and reproductive health.

McGovern, Patricia
Special interests: Adult health/mental health; child/adolescent health/mental health; substance abuse; early intervention; health disparities.

O'Brien, Jennifer
Special Interests:  Adult health/mental health; immigrant populations; international social work.

Robertson, Caroline (Carey)
Special interests: Youth violence, risk and resilience, Latino youth, and child maltreatment.

Sabatine, Elaina
Special interests: School intervention; early intervention; child/adolescent health/mental health; poverty; child welfare.

Watkins, Charity 
Special Interests: Child/adolescent health/mental health; early intervention; poverty; school intervention.    

Stewart, C. Joy
Special interests: Data analysis; bridging gap between research and practice; child welfare.

Tucker, Jenna
Special interests: Child poverty; policy; women's issues.

VanDeinse, Tonya B.
Special interests:  Comparative social policy; disparities in access and quality of mental health services for diverse populations; transition age youth; and interventions targeted at individuals involved in multiple public service sectors.

White, Kevin Robert
Special interests:  Children at risk, child welfare, and quantitative analysis.

Wretman, Christopher
Special interests: Early intervention; school intervention.                                                                            

Wu, Qi
Special interests: Child welfare, development of social work education in China.

Wu, Shiyou
Special interests: Poverty, migrant youth and their adaptation and intervention research to address the needs of migrant youth.

You, Angela
Special interests: Child welfare policy and practice research, mental health needs and services, prescription and monitoring of psychotropic medications for children in the foster care system.