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Administrative Officer II/ Human Trafficking Commission Coordinator


This position will coordinate all logistics for the Human Trafficking Commission meetings. Establish and coordinate a statewide 24/7 hotline for victims and informants, including working to ensure collaboration with statewide efforts, and overseeing the collection of referral information from service providers.
This position will develop new and existing regional response teams by facilitating coordinated collaboration and best practices through improvement and/or development of interagency protocols on effective response, regular meetings to review current services/cases, and professional development opportunities. Create and maintain a statewide database of public and private victim service providers and disseminate to victims, service providers, and public through hotline, regional response teams and other mechanisms. Gather, input and update a referral database to ensure victims are effectively connected to core crisis intervention services.

This position will facilitate relationships between public and private victim service providers. Build strategic networks with identified key organizations to create a public/private partnership that is equipped to manage the hotline and continue to grow the impact of response teams throughout the state. Ensure the project is being implemented effectively. Other duties as assigned.

This position requires travel to same-day events, meetings and work locations and flexibility to work nights, weekends and additional hours on short notice.

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