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Children’s Advocacy Center Coordinator - Greensboro


Family Service of the Piedmont is a not for profit agency whose mission is to promote healthy lives and relationships for children, families and individuals, through early intervention, treatment and support in times of crisis or transition.

The agency is seeking a Children’s Advocacy Center Coordinator to coordinate the comprehensive services to child victims of violent and/or intrusive crimes using a child advocacy center model.



  1. Work with local law enforcement, the District Attorney’s office, the Department of Social Services and other service providers to maintain the partnerships critical to the success of the CAC.
  2. Implement, manage and provide oversight for the protocols and program design to ensure that the CAC meets national standards.
  3. Provide supervision to ensure success of the program by overseeing the coordination of case reviews, the case tracking system, and making monthly reports to the Child Advocacy Network group/multidisciplinary teams serving as the advisory committee of the CAC.
  4. Develops a competent and productive staff by providing individual and team supervision, delegating tasks and duties, hiring staff and maintaining a harmonious and positive work environment.
  5. Provide administrative and clinical supervision to CAC staff Advocates and Forensic interviewers.
  6. Provide professional Forensic Interviews when Forensic Interviewer is unable to do so.
  7. Reduces stress and trauma to victims and their families by supervising advocacy services and by coordinating referrals with law enforcement, the criminal justice system, hospitals and other service providers.
  8. Document services by writing progress reports and completing other documentation as required by the agency, accreditation and ethical standards.
  9. Educate the community about child advocacy centers, child abuse, family violence, sexual assault and other crimes by training and providing community education programs as needed.
  10. Maintain harmonious working environment by participation in team and staff meetings, consulting with staff regarding topic areas, respecting cultural and lifestyle differences and by providing support and encouragement to other staff members.
  11. Assisting agency in overall service delivery by performing other administrative duties as delegated or required.
  12. Remains current with professional literature on child abuse issues and interviewing techniques.
  13. Build and lead CAC team by maintaining team cohesiveness and positive relationships with and between team members.  Foster an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance of cultural and lifestyle difference.



  1. Ability to respond appropriately to the cultural differences present among the organization’s service population and staff is required.
  2. Ability to work in partnership with other team members.
  3. Ability to forge a mutually respectful partnership with persons served and their families in which they are helped to gain the skills and confidence to address any issues and problems they face.
  4. Conviction about the capacity of people to grow and change.
  5. Ability to set limits and maintain the helping role of the practitioner and to intervene appropriately to meet the needs of the persons served or other family members.
  6. Valid driver’s license, clean driving record and the ability to operate a motor vehicle.
  7. Ability to sit, stand, walk, lift light objects as needed, move about the office or otherwise perform the physical tasks required to perform the duties listed above.
  8. Experience and knowledge of child abuse investigation and prosecution procedures, child development, and the dynamics of child and family abuse required.
  9. Bachelor’s degree is Human Services or related field required. Master’s degree preferred.


Send resume and letter to:

Human Resources

Family Service of the Piedmont

902 Bonner Drive

Jamestown, NC  27282