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Museum Director - Sallie Mae Ligon Museum & Archives


Functions as Museum Director; organizes archival records and develops classification systems to facilitate access to archival materials.  Researches and records the origins and historical significance of archival materials.  Works with public outreach programs, such as tours, workshops, and other MHCO events for residents, staff, and visiting public.  Understands archival policy guidelines concerning access and use of materials.  Provides assistance in researching materials for users requesting archival materials.
Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, Library Science, History, Social Science, Museum Science, Archeology or related field.  Intermediate level proficiency in basic computer programs including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office.  Experience with Past Perfect or other collections database management systems a plus.  Some experience with financial management, reporting, fiscal budget preparation, and maintenance.  Experience creating marketing plans and public relations programs.  Some experience related to educational programming or group visit programming.

Visit the website www.mhc-oxford.org to apply and all paperwork and questions can be directed to lproctor@mhc-oxford.org.