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Behavioral Insights Group Facilitator (Anger Management & Batterer Intervention)


Hourly Rate: $20/hr.
Reports to: Executive Director
Location: Various locations throughout Durham and Orange Counties, NC
Hours: Intermittent * 5-20 hours/week * Must have daytime and evening availability

Job Purpose: To prepare for, facilitate, and document participation in weekly court-mandated anger management and batterer intervention group sessions. Participate in weekly supervision, team meetings, and outreach activities as required.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Experience facilitating or co-facilitating groups
• At least 1 year experience/training in the domestic violence field
• Bilingual English/Spanish preferred

Duties, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities:
• Complete paid training on Behavioral Insights Batterer Intervention and Anger Management curricula
• Facilitate or co-facilitate court-mandated Batterer Intervention and Anger Management group sessions
• Plan for weekly sessions, incorporating material from program curricula as well as individual client goals and progress
• Facilitate weekly sessions of Batterer Intervention and Anger Management groups
• Participate in weekly supervision with Behavioral Insights Executive Director
• Participate in staff meetings as required
• Conduct intake assessments of newly referred clients as needed
• Accurately and thoroughly document client progress in groups
• Assist in preparation of reports to courts and other external agencies
• Complete 6-20 hours/year of continuing education
• Maintain appropriate professional boundaries and respect participants’ self-determination, while demonstrating compassion and genuine interest in their progress
• Additional duties as assigned

To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to Executive Director, Katie Bauman at kathrynjbauman@gmail.com