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Now More Than Ever: UNC Social Work Challenge

refugee with suitcase


Through March (National Social Work Month), we are inviting you to participate in "Now More Than Ever: UNC Social Work Challenge," featuring the work of our colleague Josh Hinson and UNC School of Social Work students with refugee populations in North Carolina.

There are three ways you can participate:

  • Watch the brief video on the GiveCampus website.
  • Donate any amount you choose to the UNC Social Work Challenge through the GiveCampus website.
  • Share a link to the video with your circle of friends through your own Facebook and Twitter posts. (Through the GiveCampus website, you can even become an official "Advocate" and see how your own social media network has contributed to the Challenge and magnified your own efforts!)

Here's where the "challenge" begins: Members of our board of advisors have pledged $10,000, and they have challenged friends of the School to match their gifts. Gifts of any amount will help us meet the challenge! Together, we can meet their challenge by the end of March 2017!

Remember, your participation will help expand the services provided by our Refugee Mental Health & Wellness Program in North Carolina. Help refugees, help our School, help make our world a better place! It all begins when you watch the video ....