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Child Welfare Education Collaborative (The Collaborative)

Administered by the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Social Work, the Child Welfare Education Collaborative (hereafter, the Collaborative) is a statewide effort designed to prepare graduate students for practice in public child welfare agencies in North Carolina. Currently implemented by social work programs in 15 universities across the State, the Collaborative is a component of a comprehensive national development strategy to improve and increase the child welfare workforce.

The Collaborative has prepared 1,548 social work students for employment at a local Department of Social Services. The Collaborative assists the Child Welfare Services Section of the North Carolina Division of Social Services in their mission to provide family-centered services to ensure all children have safe, nurturing, and permanent environments.

During the 2014-15 academic year, the 15 Collaborative programs worked together to graduate 121 master’s of social work (MSW) students, all of whom met North Carolina’s requirement for child welfare pre-service training. Students accepted in the Collaborative program are contracted to seek employment in a county department of social services.

In addition to the 15 North Carolina universities currently participating in the Collaborative, six universities are completing the process to become an affiliated partner.  With this expansion, 21 of the 25 accredited social work programs in North Carolina will be affiliated with the Collaborative and authorized to provide university-based child welfare pre-service training


social work students have been prepared for employment at a local Department of Social Services by the Child Welfare Education Collaborative.

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