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Adverse and traumatic experiences in childhood are widely known to affect life course outcomes. In an effort to improve developmental outcomes for children who come into contact with the child welfare system, the North Carolina Division of Social Services funded Project Broadcast. The Project is designed to help county departments of social services develop programs to help children recover from the trauma of child maltreatment.

Project Broadcast is a joint effort of the Division of Social Services, the Center for Child and Family Health at Duke University, and the Jordan Institute for Families at the UNC School of Social Work. As part of the project, staffs in county departments of social services are being trained to screen and refer children for exposure to trauma. At the same time, researchers from Center for Child and Family Health are training local behavioral health providers on evidenced-supported interventions for trauma.

Project Broadcast staff members are leading the project evaluation efforts by examining the impact of Project Broadcast on outcomes of children involved in the child welfare system. Specifically, the project staff members from the Jordan Institute are estimating the effect of the program on providers’ prescribing patterns for psychotropic medications and referrals for high-cost therapies such as psychiatric residential treatment. In addition, the Project Broadcast evaluation uses a quasi-experimental design, which will enable the Jordan Institute staff to examine whether Project Broadcast affects length of time children who have experienced trauma remain in foster care, the number of placements these children experience while in care, and the likelihood of their re-entry to foster care.


child welfare-involved children have been assessed for trauma through Project Broadcast

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