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Family Support Program

The Family Support Program works with families, communities, service providers, and policy makers to promote and provide support for families raising a child or children with special needs. The Family Support Program provides funding and technical assistance to a statewide Family Support Network of 11 independent local affiliates that provide access to services, offer evidence-based programs for families, and support integrative care for children with special needs.

Parent-to-Parent is a core service of the Family Support Network. This program trains “support parents” who offer one-to-one emotional support and information assistance to parents whose children have special needs. In 2005, parent-to-parent support was identified as a promising practice by the North Carolina Institute of Medicine. Each year, the Family Support Network aids in establishing more than 250 parent-to-parent matches across the state.

Family Support Network is a registered trademarked name of a program created by the Family Resource Network.


families have found and been connected with formal services and informal supports through the Family Support Program

Year Established

Family Support Network Successes 2014–2015

In 2014-2015, staff in 11 program affiliates offered the following individualized, family-centered services: