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CountyTitleSalarysort iconClosing datePost date
ClevelandProcessing Assistant III (category: economic services)$22,236.00 - $34,680.0002/07/201301/29/2013
McDowellProcessing Assistant III (category: other)$22,344.0007/18/201307/09/2013
DavieCommunity Social Services Technician (category: children's services)$22,468.00 - $34,846.0005/31/201204/16/2012
ClevelandProcessing Assistant III (category: children's services)$22,686.00 - $35,376.0007/18/201307/10/2013
ClevelandProcessing Assistant III (category: economic services)$22,686.00 - $35,376.0008/01/201307/24/2013
ClevelandPA-III (category: economic services)$22,686.00 - $35,376.0005/30/201405/22/2014
WilkesCommunity Social Services Technician (category: adult services)$22,716.00 - $23,852.0012/05/201611/23/2016
LenoirProcessing Assistant V (category: other)$22,813.00 - $40,256.0012/14/201212/03/2012
WaynePublic Information Assistant IV (category: other)$22,827.00 - $35,602.0012/12/201111/30/2011
WayneAccounting Clerk IV (category: other)$22,827.00 - $35,602.0011/28/201211/14/2012