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County spotlight

Attractions Attractions in Rockingham County include:

  • the state parks of the Dan and Mayo rivers, near Madison
  • the historic downtown areas of Leaksville, Draper and Spray in Eden
  • the Chinqua-Penn Plantation in Reidsville
  • the historic Penn House, located in Reidsville
  • One of the most famous attractions of the Reidsville area is Lake Reidsville
  • Various historic shops are found in the county

Education All public schools in Rockingham County are a part of Rockingham County Schools. The area includes government elementary, middle, and high schools including 25 different schools which include:

  • The elementary are Bethany School, Moss Street, Central, Leaksville-Spray, Dillard, Monroeton School, Douglass, Draper, South End School, Lawsonville Avenue, Stoneville, Lincoln, Wentworth, Huntsville, Williamsburg, and a magnet school New Vision.
  • The middle schools are Holmes, Rockingham County, Reidsville, and Western Rockingham.
  • The high schools are McMichael, Morehead, Reidsville, and Rockingham.

Other schools are Rockingham County Early College (for high school students only), and Rockingham Community College, located in Wentworth.

DSS Contact Information

Rockingham County DSS
361 NC Hwy 65
Wentworth, NC 27375
Phone: (336) 342-1394 | Fax: (336) 634-1847

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