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Snow Hill, NC 28580
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As part of the Greene County community, you'll have easy access to state of the art healthcare, technological advances, and top quality education at all levels from pre-school through graduate school. Greene County has access to the nation's largest planned research and development park, the North Carolina State Capitol, an international airport, the interstate highway system, and over a dozen colleges and universities. The Triangle region of North Carolina, with over a million people, is just an hour away and features large shopping malls, concerts, theaters, museums and the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. Greene County is also located within minutes of Greenville, North Carolina, home of East Carolina University and the ECU Pirates, as well as a bounty of restaurants, shops and entertainment.

While it's nice to have the option of an urban setting, it's much more pleasant to avoid the traffic congestion, higher crime rates, higher cost of living and poor air quality that are signatures of densely populated areas. Greene County is proud of the peace and quiet that is available to its residents. Here, you'll find picturesque country roads bordered by farmland that yields some of the best fresh produce in the state. There's plenty of fresh air, clean water, and an abundance of healthy, outdoor activities that are guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate. In a short drive, you can even be strolling on one of North Carolina's many beautiful and uncrowded beaches. Best of all, you can enjoy the outdoor activities that you love throughout most of the year thanks to eastern North Carolina's very pleasant climate - one that rarely involves shoveling snow!

In Greene County, you can enjoy the best of both worlds; the wholesome nature of a rural lifestyle and easy accessibility to the whirlwind that defines urban culture. With access to both, your choice of activities is virtually limitless, whether you want to make plans weeks in advance or just jump in your car on the spur of the moment.

So if you're looking for a place to grow your business and a pleasant way for your family to live, look no further! In Greene County, you'll find everything you need right in your own backyard!


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Greene County DSS
227 Kingold Blvd
Snow Hill, NC 28580
Phone: 252-747-5932 | Fax: 252-747-8654

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