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Pioneering Senior Centers

In 2004, three senior centers piloted planning efforts for developing livable and senior-friendly communities. Because they serve as a focal point in their communities, not only for delivery of services but for volunteerism and programs to enrich the lives of their participants, senior centers are an ideal location to start the conversation in communities about becoming more welcoming and usable for people old and young.

The three centers selected were:

  • Franklinton Senior Center, Franklin County, Patrick Woods, Director
  • The NASH, Nashville, Nash County, Jamie Wilson, Director
  • The Roy B. Culler Senior Center, High Point, Guilford County, Calvin Vaughn, Director

All are state-certified Centers of Excellence (learn more about the state's voluntary certification program for senior centers), and the directors are graduates of the Ann Johnson Institute for Senior Center Management.

Each selected a different area of the model proposed by NC DAAS to test. One of the principal goals of this pilot was to make available materials developed and tested in the community for other centers that would like to launch similar projects.

This page provides links to a summary of the project, tools and products developed by each of the centers, links to additional planning tools, and new developments.

All the center directors agreed that some of the greatest benefits were better relationships among organizations in their communities, regions, and state, as well as improved visibility for the senior centers. The initiatives are in their early stages, but we hope to report on improved outcomes for older adults and others because of these projects.

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