North Carolina
Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Aging and Adult Services

A Guide to Record Keeping for Adult Services Social Workers

Published in 1994, this guide was developed by the Adult Services Branch of the NC Division of Social Services in conjunction with representatives from county departments of social services, the Adult Programs Representatives, and the Center for Aging Research and Educational Services (CARES, Jordan Institute for Families, School of Social Work, UNC-Chapel Hill). It consists of a recommendations for effective use of the record keeping tools developed by this working group.

The tools are exactly that--support for excellent social work practice with adults and their families and other caregivers. The were designed to help social workers record the results of work with families, rather than as required forms or interviewing documents. They correspond to the Family Assessment and Change Process, the sequence of activities from beginning work with clients and families at intake to case closing.

Current versions of the record-keeping tools in interactive .pdf format are located on the DHHS website at

Family Assessment and Change Process: Screening/Intake, Emergency Intervention (if needed), Comprehensive Functional Assessment, Checklist for Change, Setting Function-oriented Goals, Adult and Family Services Plan, Implementation/Monitoring, Reassessment, Termination, to Support, Enable, and Empower Families.

The Guide is presented in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat 4) format--they may not display properly in earlier versions of Acrobat. To download a free Acrobat Reader, go to Originally presented as a notebook with divider pages, the file containing the whole document contains "blank" pages consistent with double-sided printing. These pages have been removed in the smaller chapter-by-chapter files to reduce their size. Both the whole document and the shorter files have page thumbnails and navigational links.

  • The whole document (7,089 KB)
  • Front matter and Chapter 1, Introduction (739 KB)
  • Chapter 2, Intake, Screening, and Face Sheet (454 KB)
  • Chapter 3, Comprehensive Functional Assessment (789 KB)
  • Chapter 4, Completing the Assessment: The Summary (343 KB)
  • Chapter 5, Beginning the Adult and Family Service Plan: The Checklist for Change (707 KB)
  • Chapter 6, Planning Activities and Services (375 KB)
  • Chapter 7, Monitoring: The Contact/Activity Log and the Interim or Quarterly Client Review (1,054 KB)
  • Chapter 8, The Reassessment (765 KB)
  • Chapter 9, The Case Closing/Transfer Summary (673 KB)
  • Appendix A, The Record-keeping Tools (932 KB)
  • Appendix B, Additional Tools to Help with the Assessment Process (390 KB)

For further information about this document, contact Nancy Warren, at, NC Division of Aging and Adult Services, or Margaret Morse at CARES.

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